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YouTube Search in Grid Layout With Bigger Thumbnails, Rating Bar & Preview Player (Firefox)

Tired of keep scrolling down the search page on YouTube? Try this Firefox extension YouTube Grid Search and Preview Player created by Costas. It transforms the page layout to grid view featuring four video thumbnails in each row and adds a lot of relatively useful features.

What I like most

Grid layout – Now you can view four video thumbnails in each row. On my 1366×768 screen, this grid state allows me to view up to 12 thumbnails at once without scrolling. Press F11, and you’ll get another row to view.

Compact grid layout

Compact grid layout

Non-compact grid layout

Non-compact grid layout

Helpful information – Each thumbnail shows the video rating. In compact mode (default), this rating is represented by a green or red color box containing the percentage of the likes it gets.

When you hover mouse cursor over the thumbnail, you’ll get to see the rating bar along with the numbers of the likes/dislikes. Also, the small buttons below the bar provides quick shortcuts to related videos and playlist which are useful for further exploration on the search term, videos uploaded by the user and his/her video playlist and favorites.

In non-compact mode, or whatever it is called, the rating bar can be viewed without the mouse hovering over the thumbnail.


One more thing. Each thumbnail also shows the highest definition a video has in the tiny box right on the lower left corner.

The available features for all YouTube pages — Player preview, video rating and its highest definition information are also shown in video thumbnails displayed on other YouTube pages. This option is set to default.

Video preview for all YouTube pages – With this, you can play any video without leaving the search page. Hover your mouse cursor over a thumbnail to reveal the play button. Click it and the video will be played in an adjustable preview window.

Video preview large screen

Video preview large screen

YouTube video preview maximized view

YouTube video preview maximized view

The player position on the screen can be moved to left, middle or right with the help of the tiny buttons on the upper side of the player. These buttons also let you control the size of the player—make it smaller or larger, or fit it to browser’s window for maximum view.

Additionally, those related videos lined horizontally below the player also make it convenient to choose and watch more.

Auto load – No more clicking those numbered icons again. Scroll down the page and it will load the next one automatically once it reaches the end. But yes, you can disable it if you don’t like it.

Auto pause – When you’re previewing a related video, the currently played video within the same page is paused automatically. There is also an option to enable auto pause across pages.

Auto video definition – Some of you prefer to watch YouTube videos in high definitions but some others are just unlucky enough to have a slow internet connection. Go to the add-on’s option and choose the default video definition but note that this only works for the preview player.

Like it already? For anyone who wants a better look and more efficient Youtube search page, this one might end your hunting. Go get YouTube Grid Search and Preview Player over here.

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