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YouTube Plus Offers Tons of Features to Improve Your Watching Experience

Created by Particle, this restartless Firefox add-on is truly a gem. Check out most of the features below.


  1. Grid layout for search result and subscription page
  2. Add a set of video controls below the player which can be hidden if you want to
  3. Skip channel homepage and go directly to a specific section of the channel (by default it is set to the Videos section)
  4. Pin a small-size video player to keep it always visible as you scroll through the comments
  5. Open video in sidebar
  6. Stop autoplay and auto-loading (it also works on channel homepages which some other YouTube add-ons fail to do so)
  7. Auto playback quality
  8. Clicking on YouTube logo redirect you to your subscription page instead of the front page
  9. Subscription playlist in which you can load the most recent videos in your subscription feed into a playlist with up to a maximum of 20 videos
  10. Reset settings
  11. Import/export settings
  12. Grab the thumbnail of the currently opened video
  13. Cinema mode
  14. Repeat video
  15. Take screenshot of the current frame and save it to your computer
  16. Navigate through videos frame by frame
  17. Blacklist video author
  18. Seek Map which displays a set of thumbnails representing certain segments of the video to help you jump to a specific part.
  19. youtube-plus-2

    Tips: To close the settings page after saving and go back to the previous YouTube page in the same tab, hit the YouTube Plus settings icon on the top right corner

  20. Disable hovercard which usually appear when you click on channel or username links
  21. Disable playlist autoplay
  22. Enable advertisements only in videos from subscribed channels
  23. Disable video ads
  24. Disable ads on YouTube pages (front page, search results and channel pages. )
  25. Disable YouTube video elements like annotations, subtitles and closed captions
  26. Disable share panel when video ends
  27. Hide video description
  28. Hide or completely remove comments
  29. Hide recommended channels sidebar
  30. Hide search results sidebar
  31. Hide channel sidebar
  32. Hide footer
  33. Videos will remember the volume setting you last changed to
  34. Videos will remember the player mode (theatre or normal) everytime you return to youtube
  35. Adjust volume with mouse wheel

Version reviewed: YouTube Plus 0.4.5 on Firefox 39

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