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View Multiple Windows Side By Side Vertically/Horizontally With Shortcut Key

Want to divide or split your desktop screen so that you can view multiple windows side by side? In Windows 7, its built-in Aero Snap feature allows users to do it either by moving each window to the right or left or using keyboard shortcuts (Win + Left/Right Arrow), which makes the window resized to half of the screen automatically. This feature alone should probably be sufficient for you if what you need is simply the ability to view two open windows side by side. What the following freeware does, however, may make you interested. For example, you can put two windows side by side in just a press of a hotkey, and that’s just one of the nice things it can do.

WinSplit Revolution is a freeware that greatly extends the Aero Snap’s capability while also brings the feature to previous Windows versions such as Vista and XP for you who do stilll use these older operating systems. It can split screen quickly not only for two windows, but also three, four, five or even more windows.

split screen for three windows

three windows side by side horizontally

It sits on the tray immediately when you launch it, where you can access all of its features and configures the settings.

winsplit on tray

So here is what you can do with it:

  • Dividing screen for two or more windows to view them side by side.
  • It allows you to snap a window to the corners, sides, top, bottom and the middle of your screen horizontally or vertically either by using shortcut keys, a virtual numpad or by moving the window. (Note that by default you have to press Ctrl+Alt while moving the window to enable the snapping and the auto resize. You can change this behavior from the program’s options panel).
  • Assign a customizable hotkey to each action.
  • Auto resize a window to different widths and heights – For example, if you press “Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 6” three times repetitively, the window will be resized to three different resolutions—which can be adjusted in the layout settings.
  • Auto window placement – For example, if you press “Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 5” (to drag the windows to the left) and then followed by “Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 0” (and click Yes to remember the placement), the selected window will always be placed to the left when you press “Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 0” again. The placement profile can be deleted anytime from the program’s options if you want to undo it.
  • Windows fusion – A very nice feature which lets you quickly place two windows side by side without having to place them one by one. Just a click of a hotkey to bring them to front side by side where each occupying half of the screen. A slider will appear that you can use to decide which window gets the larger or smaller portion of the screen. Drag the slider and you will see that both windows are resized accordingly in real time. The default layout for the fusion is horizontal but you can switch to the vertical easily.
  • windows fusion

  • Mosaic – You may want to use this mode when you need to split screen for more than two windows immediately.
  • Close all open windows at once and launch the computer shutdown dialog box afterwards.
  • Set a window to be always on top.
  • Take screenshot of the screen.
  • Set transparency level for the selected window.
  • additional features

  • If you’re using multiple monitors, the program provides shortcut keys to move a window from one screen to another.

Undoubtedly, WinSplit Revolution is a great freeware to boost your productivity especially if you have a dashboard of information that needs to be displayed across the screens all the time.

WinSplit Revolution is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 & 64 bits / Seven 32 & 64 bits. Both the portable version and installer are available for download.

Version tested: WinSplit Revolution 11.04 on Windows 7 64-bit | Homepage

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