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View Animated GIF in Low or High Speed, View Frame By Frame and Extract GIF Frames to JPG Images

If you often find and save attractive animated GIF images, you might want to use a GIF player like 7GIF. It’s a standalone GIF viewer application that provides a number of options such as playing GIF in slow or high speed, pause at any frame, jump from frame to frame, zoom in and zoom out, extract GIF frames to JPG images, and more.

The programs asks if you want to associate GIF image with it the first time you launch the application but you can skip it and do the association later from the Settings window once you find that it is good enough for you.


You can load an animated GIF directly from within the program or by dragging and dropping an image to the window. Then, you can use the tools at the bottom bar to control how the image should be displayed, hide toolbar, increase or reduce the speed, save a particular frame or all frames at once, print current frame, zoom the image to fit to window in one click or to a particular level by using the magnifying glass buttons, and so on. You can also use the arrows keyboard-buttons to browse other images within the same directory.



  • Many animated GIF images are small which sometimes make users hard to see what is exactly going on within the animation. Thus, you might want to increase the default zoom level in the Settings window so that you can view each image in larger version as you open it.
  • Sometimes animated GIF contains a lot of still images that make the animation longer. In this case you can make the program to pause the animation automatically when you move the focus to other program and resume it automatically as you move back the focus to 7GIF window.

Version reviewed: 7GIF | Go to developer’s homepage

7GIF works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32bit or 64bit), 7 (32bit or 64bit) and 8 (32bit or 64bit). Portable version is also available for download at the developer’s site.

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