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Use Keyboard to Move Mouse Cursor When Mouse Not Working

Working on something important but your mouse suddenly stops working? Then you may want to consider temporarily using keyboard to move your mouse.

Windows has a built-in feature called as Mouse Keys to control mouse movement with keyboard, but if it isn’t good enough for you, there are always alternatives.

First, NeatMouse. It’s a freeware that can be installed as a portable application.

It lets you set your own keys, change the movement speed, attach an icon to the mouse pointer, and save your customization as a profile.

You can use keyboard to move mouse as soon as you run the program.

NetMouse was made to work with Windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7, but it also works with Windows 10 during the test.

However, even with NeatMouse or Mouse Keys enabled, you might find it not comfortable enough to browse the web. In that case, this Firefox add-on can help you out.

Mouseless Browsing.

It’s not an add-on to move mouse with keyboard. It’s an add-on that adds a unique number to each link it detects in a web page. When there is any link that you want to open, just type the number. No need to press Enter.


Mouseless Browsing is an antique add-on created in 2013 yet it still works in Firefox 41.

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