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Update Bookmarks In Firefox Quickly

Suppose that you’re searching for certain videos in YouTube but not finished yet when you have to go somewhere. You bookmark the search page so that you can continue later on. It turns out that on the second session you still haven’t finished yet collecting videos but then you have to leave it again for some other reason. This is where Replace Bookmark add-on comes pretty handy.

With this add-on, you can instantly replace the previously bookmarked page with a fresh one.


When you click on the icon (or use the shortcut), it builds a list of bookmarks from the same domain as the current URL, sorts them by similarity, and gives you a prompt to choose. The new bookmark retains the folder, position, and all tags of the old one.

If you check “Keep the old name”, the previous name will also be carried over to the new bookmark.

Tips: Enable the option “If exactly one match, replace without prompt” so that it will replace bookmark without showing the list when the list contains only one result


For forum users who wants to keep track of conversations and online comic readers, Replace Bookmarks is definitely a life saver.

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