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Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar & AVG Secure Search

AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Secure Search are included as an optional feature, which are checked by default, in the installer package of AVG Antivirus 2013. Users who often install programs are probably aware of this and, thus, can avoid such an extra installation by choosing the Custom Install. Users who choose the Express Install, unfortunately, have to deal with these two additional features.

Mainly for safety reason, I usually choose the Custom Install whenever I install a program. This time, though, I intentionally choose the Express installation to see what these two features do. The toolbar is displayed in both Firefox and Internet Explorer but I just can’t see how they can be useful to me. What’s more, the AVG search even changes the “new tab” page of Internet Explorer browser.

Later on, I also found that the “new tab” page of Chrome browser has been changed. Instead of showing the page as usual, it displayed the AVG search page.

Note that, in Firefox, the toolbar is disabled by default by the browser. Users need to allow the installation of the toolbar to enable it. Unfortunately, even if we choose not to, the toolbar still stays in the extension list of Firefox in disabled mode.

In the end, I decided to uninstall both features. I launched the “Add or Remove Programs” but couldn’t see any uninstall option for the toolbar. Double-clicking the AVG Antivirus 2013 installer didn’t helpful at all as I didn’t see any option to remove the features. See the screenshot below to see what I mean.

avg uninstallation

I guess that’s because how the toolbar was installed. If we install it as a part of the AVG product, we won’t get the specific uninstaller to remove the toolbar. Should the toolbar were installed as an additional part of another non-AVG product, we would get a specific uninstaller for the toolbar that allows us to remove it easily.

So, a few hours later I spent to find out how I can uninstall both without having to reinstall the AVG Antivirus, and I found two ways to do it. The easiest way, though, is using the Internet Explorer browser.

How to uninstall

To get rid of the toolbar which has been installed as a part of the AVG installation, you can choose to do any of these options:

  • Remove the toolbar only with AVG Antivirus 2013 installer.
  • Remove the toolbar, and the search feature, via Internet Explorer.

Remove AVG Security Toolbar via the AVG installer

  • Run the installer once again.
  • Find the “Add/Remove Features” section. Click the “Change” button.

modify installation

  • Ignore the “Activate Your License” window. Just click “Next”
  • Click “AVG Add-Ons” to display its items.
  • Uncheck the toolbar option and then click “Next” to start the removal.

uncheck to remove

Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar & AVG Secure Search with Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Click on the AVG button and then select “Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar”
  • avg toolbar removal

  • Choose the first option to uninstall the toolbar only, choose the second one to uninstall both. Click OK to start the removal.


It is strongly suggested to remove both the toolbar and the search features at once. If you decide to uninstall only the toolbar, you might find that removing the AVG search might be a little bit harder later unless you perform a complete AVG uninstallation.

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