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Typewriter Sound Effect for Keyboard (Windows & Mac)

If you often spend many hours typing on a computer, you might like the idea to add typewriter sound effect to keyboard. Believe me, it is nice to hear the sound of an old typewriter at every touch of the keyboard. I searched for a keyboard sound utility and I found these four free applications.

Typewriter Sound for Windows

Home Typist
This freeware adds various typing sound effect to letters, spacebar, backspace, delete, page up, page down, arrows, numeric keypad, printscreen, tab, ctrl, alt, you name it.

  • It sits on the tray as soon as you launch the application. You can adjust the typewriter sound volume by left-clicking on the tray icon and drag the slider to set your desired volume level.
  • The typing sound can be muted either through the local volume control or by double-clicking on the tray icon.
  • If you like the sounds it adds to each key stroke, then you might want to automatically run the application at Windows start.

Note that in some applications the sound won’t come out (tested on Windows 7). I used Keynote to write this post and it works well, but there is no typing sound at all when I type on browsers such as Firefox. It doesn’t work either when I rename files on Windows explorer.

Download Home Typist from the developer’s homepage (314 KB)
Version tested: 1.4 Build 21

Unlike Home Typist, ClicKey is a portable application. It doesn’t even put anything on the tray to have it works. Just double-click on the program’s icon, set the desired volume level, hit the “Set” button and that’s it.

To turn off the typewriter sound you have to launch the main window again. Click on the “Remove” button to disable it.

typing sound effects

At first I got a bit confused when it is said that the application provides 26 built-in keyboard sound effects but unable to find these sounds anywhere. It turns out that you can choose any of the sounds simply by pressing a letter from A to Z at the time the main window is on focus.

To make it clear:

  • launch the main window.
  • Make sure that the application gets the system focus.
  • Type any letter from A to Z. Each letter produces different sound while the main window of the program gets the system focus.
  • Once you find the typing sound you like, hit the Set button to use it.

One thing to note is that even if this program offers 26 different typing sound effect schemes, there are no sound effect variations within each scheme. The sound is monotonous.

Keep in mind that when you want to reactivate the sound again after disabling it, you will always have to go through the Sound Chooser window (the main user interface) to choose a sound set. The sound scheme always back to “a” everytime you disable the sound.

If you like one particular sound effect and want to keep using it everytime without having to choose it again and again whenever you reactivate ClicKey, you need to do this:

activate keyboard sound automatically

  • To access it faster you might want to put a shortcut first at desktop or at the Start menu.
  • Right-click the shortcut icon and select “Properties”
  • In the “Target:” box (assuming that you want to use sound “c” at volume “70” automatically whenever you activate ClicKey) add “sound=c volume=70” without quotes. Click OK.

Note that if you do this, the Sound Chooser will not be displayed ever again when you click on the shorcut’s icon. Thus, if you want to disable the sound, you have to terminate it via the Task Manager.

You can still display this Sound Chooser window, though, by double-clicking on the “real” program’s icon, and then you can turn off the sound by clicking the “Remove” button on the window.

Download ClicKey from the developer’s website (42 KB)
Version tested: 1.0.2128.3

Qwertick (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000)
This is a much simpler program than the two mentioned above. Portable. Double-clicking on the program’s icon will put it to the tray. The only option found when clicking on the tray icon is the option to mute the typing sound.

Download Qwertick from the developer’s homepage as ZIP (26 KB) or portable application (33 KB)
Version tested: 1.01

Typewriter Sound for Mac

Noisy Typer (Mac OS X)
It’s for Mac only. I don’t have Mac, and there is no sufficient written information on the developer’s website, so I cannot write more about it here. The software download page contains a video showing a man typing on his laptop with Noisy Typer being enabled.

Download Noisy Typer for Mac OS X from the maker’s homepage

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  • whatever March 16, 2015, 9:41 pm

    thank you … not only i found the best keyboard sounder out there .. but also freeware, portable & simple

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