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TwinkiePaste Paste Text Phrases & Sentences Into Any Application (Windows)

When writing an article I found myself repeating certain text phrases oftentimes. For instance, the title of a program and codes to insert images and making lists. In addition to utilizing the power of copy paste, an application such as Phrase Express or TwinkiePaste comes very handy when writing. Both allow us to store any text phrases or sentences we want to paste anytime over and over again. While Phrase Express has long been a popular application, TwinkiePaste is a brand new software that shows promising future.


TwinkiePaste is still in Alpha version yet it performs quite well already. It lets you insert text phrases and sentences by pressing a customizable global hotkey. You can use plain and formatted text. Some macros are provided as well like the ability to Google any selected text directly from a text editing or word processor application. Additionally, by default it keeps the last fifteen clipboard items.

One thing that you might feel a bit out of place is that the menu doesn’t appear immediately when you press the hotkey. It takes about a second before you can see the menu.

The list itself is neatly arranged based on its type–plain text, formatted text, application, and clipboard items. The clipboard items can be removed from the menu if you want to through the program’s configuration window.


If you don’t want to display certain phrases, you can simply uncheck it in the configuration window instead of deleting it. This prevents you from recreating it from scratch again when you need it again sometime in the future.


  • Stores text phrases and paste any of it with a configurable hotkey.
  • Supports macro commands.
  • A lightweight, easy to use application.
  • Keep a custom number of clipboard items.
  • Easily save new phrases from your email, text editor, word processors, etc.
  • Store as many texts as you need.
  • Backup phrases and settings and export each phrase.
  • Optionally start with Windows.

Version tested: TwinkiePaste 0.64 Alpha 18 on Windows 7. Both the installer and portable version are available at the developer’s site.

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