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Track If Your Email Has Been Read & Set Reminders to Follow-Up on Emails [Chrome Extension]

If you haven’t received any reply for the important email that you sent days ago, you may start wondering if it has been read. If this concerns you oftentimes, the next time you write an email you may want to use a tool such as Yesware. It’s a Chrome extension for Gmail that notifies you when the recipient has opened your email.

Sure we have great apps such as Boomerang and Right Inbox that also provides this tracking feature, but they limit the free tracking to only 10 messages per month, while the free version of Yesware lets you track up to 100 events per month.

By installing Yesware you’ll never have to guess who opened your email or waste time copy/ pasting consistent messaging again.

  • Email tracking- Get notified who read your email as well as when, where, and what device opened your message.
  • Templates- Instantly use custom templates and share the highest reply rates with your team so you save time and use the best messaging.
  • CRM Sync- Sync your CRM with the push of a button to cut your data entry time.
  • Reports and Analytics- View automated reports to manage your progress and to see who you should follow up with.

Interested? Then you can go to the download page now to install the extension. After installing the extension, you’ll be brought to a page where you’re required to login to your google account. Or, you can open your Gmail account and activate the extension from there.

There are four areas in Gmail where you can see Yesware components:

  • Above the small Gmail ad slot and your message list you will see the Yesware toolbar. This is where you can view the status of your sent message if they’ve been read.
  • yesware-toolbar

  • At the Google black bar, where you can manage your Yesware account, preferences and get access to the reports.
  • At the compose panel. Here you can choose to enable/disable the tracking, and choose, create, and edit your message templates.
  • The “Prospects” tab at the right side, which can be hidden from the preferences.

How to create a tracked email message
To create a tracked message you can just compose the email just like always since the tracking option is enabled by default. Note that there are two tracking options that allow you to track if the message has been read and if the link included within the message has been clicked. The link tracking is disabled by default so you need to turn it on from the preferences panel if you need it.


Email tracking reports
The report of your newest sent-message status can be viewed immediately at the Event tab of its toolbar. It can be expanded—by clicking the toolbar—to see reports for the past items.

expanded toolbar

If you want to view the tracking details of an email, click the “opened” link and a new page will open where you can find out not only when the email was opened but also the location and IP address of the recipient and the devices he or she uses to open the message.

tracking details

How Yesware track your message status
They use a transparent image for tracking messages, which is why you won’t get any tracking report if the email client used by recipient block images by default and he or she isn’t tempted to unblock or show the tracking image.

Set up a reminder for each email
You may want to set up a reminder to alert you when a message hasn’t been replied after a certain period so that you can send another one just in case the recipient somehow didn’t catch the last email. A reminder can be configured at the time you compose a message or from the “Emails” tab at its toolbar for emails that you’ve sent.

The free tracking up to 100 events per month should be sufficient for personal need, but if you do need more you can upgrade your account. There are a number of pricing plans you can choose from at Yesware’s website.

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