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The Simplest Checklist Freeware for Windows (Probably)

This is probably the simplest checklist Windows application I’ve ever found so far. Just launch it, click on the Add Task field area, type a task, and then press Enter to add it to the checklist. The cursor stays in the field after a checklist item is made so you can keep typing other tasks until all are added without ever touching your mouse again.

No need to save anything. Exit the app when you’re done and all the incomplete tasks will still be there when you launch it again. The app automatically saves the checklist in its folder as ActiveTasks.txt. Meanwhile, any item unchecked will disappear from the checklist and saved as CompletedTasks.txt.

Probably the simplest checklist application for Windows

Probably the simplest checklist application for Windows

Sometimes, all the previously existing tasks are invisible after creating a new one, leaving it as the only item visible on the checklist. If it happens, refresh the app by pressing F5. All unchecked tasks should reappear then.

This app is so simple that there is no grouping, sorting, or even the capability to uncheck all tasks at once. But I guess that’s just the thing that makes it perfect for anyone who needs a tool just to create a quick checklist.

JustTodoIt is a freeware, portable application designed for Windows only. Get it from here.

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