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The Fastest Way to Combine Images Online?

If you’re looking for an online tool to join pictures as quickly as possible, then you should definitely try this one. There isn’t any kind of fancy effects but it’s really straightforward. Basically it just needs three main steps to get all done: add photos, choose a combination style, and hit the button. Then you can save the output as a JPG image.

Take a look at the image gallery below to see how practical this online service is.

As you can see, the tool lets you combine images side by side in three ways: vertical, horizontal or both. Choosing the two formerly mentioned styles leaves you with some resizing options, while the last one lets you decide the number of the rows and columns. Margin can be added between images if you want to.

Hit the Join Photos button and the result is displayed on the next page which can be saved by right-clicking on it and select “Save image as” from the context menu.

Is it the fastest way to join images? As far as I know, yes it is, but if you know and use another tool that you think can beat the simplicity of this one, please do let us know in the comment section below.

It’s free; no registration required. Go to the site now and see if you like it.

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