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The Best Free Program to Cut MKV, AVI & MP4 Easily Without Quality Loss

Undoubtedly, there are many free programs that you can use to cut videos, but only a few are worth your attention. If you’re looking for a free program to cut MKV, AVI and MP4 videos easily, here is the tool that I’ve been using ever since I discovered it. I’m recommending this tool not as an advanced user who knows lots of stuff about multimedia but completely as a newbie who simply want to get his videos cut as easy as possible without quality loss and without having to configure this and that. It’s called Avidemux.


Here is how to use it to cut videos. Load a video—it also supports drag and drop—and let the program prepares it for the cutting. Once the video is ready to be processed, set the video output and audio output to “Copy”, and choose the output format. Then, move the slider to the scene that you want to cut. Mark the beginning track by pressing the “A” button and the end track of the scene by pressing the “B” button–these buttons can be found under the slider bar. Next, click the Save Video button or hit Ctrl + S to open the Save As dialog, type a name, and hit ENTER or press the Save button. That’s it. Now you just have to wait until the cutting process is finished.

In addition to the slide bar, you can also use the arrow buttons—located under the slide bar—to move between frames.

Note that it might not work with some broken MKV files. You can try to repair the videos first before loading them again in Avidemux for the cutting. Try Meteorite to fix broken MKV videos.

Avidemux is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Visit the homepage to get the latest version.

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