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How to Stop YouTube Video Autoplay & Auto Buffer

Thanks to video autoplay and auto loading, browsing the web can sometimes be a quite frustating experience for some users, especially if you often visit video sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Even if you’re blessed with a high-speed connection, you may want those videos to stop autoplaying when you open multiple videos at once in the background. So, here you are some Firefox & Google Chrome add-ons that can help you out.


YouTube No Buffer 0.1.0

This 31.1 kb add-on can prevent YouTube auto-buffer for both HTML5 and Flash players. There is no option at all. It works automatically after the installation.

FlashStopper by yochaim

Despite the name, this restartless add-on can block both Flash and HTML5 videos. Install it and then go open any YouTube video. It automatically stops YouTube from auto playing and buffering while showing the video thumbnail.


According to the developer, it should work on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yahoo, Huffington Post, BBC News, NBA.com, NFL.com, and a lot of embedded players and live streaming.

On some sites like Dailymotion you may need to enable the proactive blocking, though.

YouTube Control Center 0.3.4 by InBasic

This one can also disable the autoplaying and buffering for HTML5 and Flash videos on YouTube, but note that it doesn’t work on embedded players as stated in the FAQ page. And one more thing, I found out that it doesn’t work on featured videos on channel homepages either.

As for the rest of the features, at first I thought they didn’t work. Tried to mute, tried to set the auto playback quality, removed the sidebar and comment panes, auto show readmore for video description, but nothing worked. It turned out that Firefox needs to be restarted for these options to function properly.

YouTube Auto Pause/Stop 0.1.0 by A Ulmer

A dedicated add-on for stopping or pausing YouTube autoplay and auto loading and showing video preview thumbnail. Note that it doesn’t work on embedded YouTube videos.


It adds a button on Firefox main toolbar where you can switch between three modes:

  1. Normal playback
  2. Auto pause: pauses youtube videos but loading the video will continue
  3. Auto stop: stops youtube videos and loading the video will not continue


ImprovedTube – YouTube Extension by improvedtube.com


This one comes with many nice features, including the ability to stop autoplay for videos loaded in background and foreground, but note that it doesn’t stop the auto loading. For featured video on a homepage channel, however, it turns off both. For embedded players, it fails.

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