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Stop Chrome from Loading All Tabs at Start & Reduce Tab Clutters

I had posted many months ago a Chrome extension that prevent tabs from loading when Chrome is launched, The Great Suspender. Here is another option. Use OneTab.

The main purpose of OneTab isn’t actually to make the browser stops loading all the tabs at start, but to get rid of tab clutter by converting your tabs into one list. However, because of how it works, one can also use it for the prevention purpose.


Before closing the browser, OneTab’s icon needs to be clicked manually to convert existing tabs into a list of hyperlinks in one tab. This tab that contains the list appears the next time you run Chrome by default. Clicking on any of the items opens it in a new tab as well as automatically removes it from the list—unless you decide to keep it. The list can be organized. You can drag and drop items from one group to another, name and lock any group.

For new features, I would like the ability to sort the list alphabetically for each group, merge all groups into one, move the entire items of a group into another instead of dragging and dropping one by one, and also, mainly, a search function to quickly find the items I want to open.

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