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Sort Firefox Tabs Based on Title, URL Host, URL Path Automatically or with Keyboard Shortcut

Opening a lot of tabs makes it harder to navigate between pages. This is where the “List All Tabs” menu on the right side of tab bar comes in handy as it displays the tab names along with their favicons, and this cute Firefox tab management add-on called uniqtabs makes it much easier by providing the capability to sort tabs based on title, URL host and URL path either with a keyboard shortcut or automatically after a specified amount of idle time.

uniqtabs settings

Take a look at the difference between before and after tabs are sorted:

tabs position before sorted

tabs position after sorted

By default the keyboard shortcut to sort tabs is Ctrl-Alt-D but you can change it.

You can combine this sorting capability with the multi-row tab bars feature of Tab Mix Plus. If you open 15 tabs originating from the same host, for instance, at least you can view all of them directly without scrolling or without going to the List All Tabs menu–assuming that you sort tabs based on URL host.

uniqtabs and tabmixplus

The additional feature to prevent duplicated tabs is useful to minimize the unnecessary crowd in the bar. Either the new or the existing one will be closed automatically, depending on your choice. It doesn’t work on the URL that you type manually, though. For example, open this blog’s homepage, and then open it again in a new tab by typing the URL. None of them will be closed by the add-on. But if you try to reopen the homepage in another tab by clicking the homepage URL, either one of them will be closed.

You can also limit the number of tabs that you can open at a time. The add-on will close the new tab, or the existing one, automatically once you try to load a new page after the maximum number is reached or simply give you a warning message, depending on your choice.

By the way, uniqtabs is a restartless Firefox add-on. Version reviewed: uniqtabs 0.21, tested on Firefox v19.

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