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Skip Intro & Credit Scenes When Watching Movies in GOM & PotPlayer

If you want to watch some episodes of a TV show in a row, perhaps you want to skip the intro and credit scenes so that you don’t have to watch them on every episode. GOM Player and PotPlayer are the two free multimedia players that can do this. Here is how to do it on both of them.

Skipping intro and credit scenes on GOM Player

  • Run the program.
  • Right-click on the main screen and select Playback > Intro/Outro Frame > Frame Skip Settings.
  • In the Frame Skip Settings window, check the option of “Enable frame skip” and specify the amount of time to be skipped at the beginning and end of a video, and hit OK to apply it.

Skipping intro and credit scenes on PotPlayer
Here you do the same just like the steps described above. The only different part here is that the right-click menu option comes under the name of “Frame Skip” instead of “Intro/Outro Frame”.

Both players provide the same hotkey to turn on/off the frame skipping functionality, which is Shift + ‘.

What if you want to watch a list of separated movies? At first I thought this feature is useful only for watching episodes of a TV show but it turns out that this can also be useful for watching even different separated movies in a row that each clearly has different intro/outro scenes. The way I do it is I simply set a fair amount of time for the beginning scenes, which is 10 seconds. This doesn’t completely eliminate the intro scenes but at least I can make them shorter. As for the end scenes, I simply hit the PageDown button to skip them and watch the next movie.

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