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Side by Side Photo Editing

Need a photo editor that lets you view and edit photos side by side? Or one that allows you to create side-by-side pictures? If you’re looking for the latter, then perhaps this, this and this are the suitable tools for your need. But if you want a photo editing tool that allows you to load multiple pictures and then work on them side by side on one screen–either you want to compare the original with the edited photo, apply different effects to same pictures to see which one looks better, or work on different pictures at a time–then here you are two photo editors that you can try.

With Picadilo, which is an online photo editor, each photo that you upload will be put separately in its own window while being displayed together in one screen. Each window can be resized by dragging its sides and can be enlarged by clicking the maximize button. The windows layout can be arranged by right-clicking on any window and select Tile, Tile + Fill, or Cascade.

Picadilo editing panel

Picadilo is free and requires no registration. It is also available as a Google Chrome app. Fast, very easy to use, display and edit up to three photos side by side, lots of nice effects, skin retouching tools and textures. The result can be saved either in JPG or PNG.

With Picasa you can view and edit up to two pictures side by side in its editing panel. You can view same or different images by clicking on what they call as comparative editing buttons: A|B and A|A.


Note that if you edit the same image, you’ll be asked to choose which one to save. Optionally, you can set the program to stop asking and always save the selected image.


The layout can be arranged vertically or horizontally and there are also tons of effects for you to play with.

Know any other photo editing tools that let us view and edit multiple pictures side by side?

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