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Show Password Behind Asterisks in Firefox, Chrome, Opera

Assuming that you have a long and rather complex password and you don’t even use a password manager like LastPass, then you might want to show the password behind the asterisks just to make sure that you type the right password so that you don’t have to type it twice. On some occasions, you might find yourself entering a password more than three times in a row that made you wish if only you were able to see the real characters instead of the asterisk.

Did I type it correctly? The best answer to this is to get yourself a password revealer. Fortunately, there are a number of add-ons specifically designed to handle this problem.

Show My Password is an add-on for Firefox browser that reveals the hidden password when you hover mouse pointer over the password box. Type your password, hover the mouse over the box, and you will be able to see it. The password will be hidden automatically when you move your mouse out of the box.

unscramble asterisk

The delay time of displaying and hiding the real password can be adjusted. If you want it to be displayed immediately on mouse hover then set the unhide delay time to zero (0) seconds. The same can be done to the hiding delay.

Show Password 1.6 would be an alternative. This one adds a key icon to Firefox status bar. You can use it in two ways:

  • After typing the password, click on the key icon to reveal it.
  • Before typing the password, click on the key to show the real characters as you type instead of the asterisk.

Show Password onFocus user script is much simpler than this, but you have to install Greasemonkey add-on first to be able to run this script on Firefox browser.

For Google Chrome browser, try Show Password on Focus. It doesn’t offer any option aside from letting you see your password as you type. The password will be back hidden when the mouse is out of the field. Yes, it works the same as the Greasemonkey user script mentioned before.

For Opera, you can use this Show Hide Passwords. Unlike all the add-ons that have been mentioned above, this one adds a “show password” link below the password field. Clicking on the link uncovers the real characters as you type.

Even if you use LastPass or similar applications heavily, you might come across some situation where you need this kind of revealer. If you often find yourself typing your passwords several times before finally able to access your account, then you need this type of add-on for sure.

Please note that these add-ons might not work on some websites. I tested each of the add-ons on popular websites such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and on a number of favorite forums. Only the Opera add-on that was failed showing the password on one forum. The others managed to pass this simple test perfectly.

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