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Show Memory Usage of Each Active Tab in Firefox

Tab Data is a Firefox extension that lets you know how much memory used for each active tab in the browser. A few seconds after installed, it displays the memory on the left side of the tab’s title, and add its own icon on the navigation toolbar.

While it is nice to find out which tab/site that use a lot of memory, the way it displays the information isn’t as it makes the tab’s identity becomes less recognizable.


And it is worse if you open many tabs or if you have set a smaller width for each tab than the default’s. See the image above? All you can see are just numbers and icons on each tab.

Furthermore, if you decide to disable the memory usage tracking, the numbers aren’t removed from tabs that left you no choice but to reload the pages.

Its icon on the toolbar itself reveals some additional information and options to adjust the way it works:

  • How many tabs that are currently opened, including the unloaded ones.
  • How many tabs that has been opened in current session.
  • How many tabs that has been opened since the add-on was installed.
  • Show memory consumption of each tab—unfortunately, it stops working when the option “show memory usage in tab” disabled.
  • Enable/disable memory usage tracking.
  • Change the memory collection interval.
  • Show/hide memory usage in tab.


Tip: The add-on updates the memory information for each tab according to the collection interval, and when it happens, your browser may stop responding for a few seconds. Therefore, you should consider changing the interval to a longer period, which can be done from its icon on the navigation toolbar.

Despite all of its drawbacks, which hopefully will be fixed in the next version, Tab Data is still a relatively nice tool to investigate which web pages that have the highest contribution to the high memory consumption in Firefox.

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