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Show Download Speed & More Download Items on Firefox Download Panel

The new Firefox download panel which has been enabled by default ever since Firefox 20.0 doesn’t show download speed when a file is being downloaded. The problem is, some servers out there, especially file sharing sites, put a certain limit to the download speed. We all want to download files as fast as possible. When the download speed of a file from a server is pretty low, that’s the time to find better servers to download it. Unfortunately, the absence of download speed information from Firefox download panel makes users unable to decide whether to keep downloading a file from current site or move to other sites.

Download Panel Tweaks is a Firefox add-on that you can try to solve this issue. The download speed is displayed instantly on the panel by default after you install it. The remaining time format is also changed to a shorter version. For instance, instead of showing 19 minutes 20 seconds, it displays 19:20. You can revert it back to the default format if you don’t like it.

default panel

after tweaked

Other features that you can enjoy from it is the ability to show more download items on the panel. By default the extension displays 10 download items but you can change this number. Also, the keyboard shortcut which is originally used to show the download manager, Ctrl + J, can be easily configured to show the panel instead.

Additionally, the extension reduces the height of non-active download items in the panel by default. Try to disable/enable the “reduce height of download rows” option to see the difference. You will notice that the download panel becomes more compact when the option is enabled. This way you can view all of the latest ten download entries without scrolling.

The maximum height of the download panel can also be changed using CSS lengths such as “400px”. You might want to limit the height if you choose to show, let’s say, up to 20 entries in the download panel. By doing this you can view the very latest entries and simply scroll the panel when you need to see the rest without having to open the download library.

The following screenshot is the download panel at 350px height containing 20 entries.

scrollable view

It’s restartless, meaning that it works immediately without browser restart. The changes are applied instantly even if you’re downloading files.

Version tested: Download Panel Tweaks 1.0.6 | Homepage

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  • Samuel August 25, 2015, 12:56 am

    It amazes me that an add-on is required for this basic function. The add-on works great on v40.2.

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