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Shotcut Keys to Hide & Unhide Multiple Windows and Kill Multiple Processes At Once With NCS WinVisible

Some of you might encounter a privacy-related situation where you have to close certain open windows when someone else comes by your desk. After he or she leaves, you run the applications again. This is inefficient. Rather than closing, you might want to simply hide the windows. One of the free tools capable of such hiding is NCS WinVisible. It comes with customizable shortcut keys to hide and unhide multiple windows at once and, if necessary, kill multiple processes simultaneously.

The utility displays the list of the detected running applications when you launch it. Check the boxes of any of the applications that you want to hide. The checked applications can then be hidden by pressing Shift + Alt + H and unhidden by pressing Shift + Alt + S. You can change these hotkeys in the program’s Options window, which can be accessed either by right-clicking on its tray icon or hitting the gear icon on the main interface.

If you don’t want to keep checking the same applications again and again everytime you launch the program, you should enable “Remember the processes I checked” in the Options window. Also, enable “Always start hidden” to stop the program from displaying the list at launch.

winvisible interface

winvisible options

Note that it cannot detect applications that are minimized to tray when it starts until they are present at taskbar. Also, for any application that has the capability to send itself to tray, its tray icon remains visible when you try to hide it. The tray icon of WinVisible is an exception, though. If you enable “Hide application and tray icon when hide hotkey is pressed”, WinVisible’s window and tray icon will be hidden.

Keep in mind that the hidden applications can still be seen running in the Task Manager. So, if someone else needs to use your PC, you probably want to kill the processes instead even though it means you will lose unsaved data. The shortcut key to kill processes must be specified first in the Options.

When exiting the program, you will always be asked to confirm. It would better if there were an option to never display it again.

Tested version: NCS WinVisible | Homepage
Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP | Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

All in all, WinVisible is a handy tool to make sure that no one else knows what you’re doing exactly. It can hide multiple windows at once and kill selected processes at urgent situation at a single press of a hotkey.

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