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Shortcuts to Firefox Bookmark Items In The Address Bar

If you bookmark a lot of pages, sometimes you might find certain items are harder to find. You can always press Ctrl+B to show the bookmark panel on the left sidebar and type some words to search the items. It’s easy to do but there is an easier and quicker way to accomplish it, that is by making use of the auto suggestion/auto complete feature of Firefox in the address bar.

By default this auto suggestion is enabled but it uses the history and bookmarks that can clutter the result in the URL bar, especially if you haven’t cleaned your history items for a long time.

There are two options to fix this.

#Use * character to show only your bookmark items in the URL bar

To show only bookmarks, type * (asterisk) followed by a space before typing the keyword in the address bar.


When typing “More Google Traffic” (without quotes):

default auto complete

When typing “* More Google Traffic” (without quotes):

bookmark items only

#Remove history auto suggestion from the address bar and use only the bookmarks.

Open the browser’s Option, then go to the Privacy menu. Find “When using the location bar, suggest:” at the bottom part of the menu, click the drop-down button and choose “Bookmarks”. Click OK to apply the change.

autocomplete configuration

Now you just need to type the right words in the URL bar and it will show only a list of your bookmark items that match the words. No need to use the * character if you choose this method.

These tips were succesfully tested on Firefox 23.

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