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Shortcut to Close All Open Windows At Once

Need a shortcut to close all open windows at once in one click? Sometimes you might need to leave your desktop to do something else and you want to close all windows to make sure no one knows what you’ve been doing, or perhaps your taskbar is cluttered with a host of unnecessary running applications and thus you want to close them all and then relaunch only the ones that you really need. Instead of closing each window individually, you can create a shortcut to close all of them at once in one click with the help of Close All Windows.

Close All Windows is a portable application with a total size of only 36KB. It has no user interface. You just need to double-click on it to quickly close all open windows. If you pin it to the taskbar, it only needs one single click on the program’s icon to close them all. Still, if any of the applications have unsaved data, they ought to prompt you to prevent you from losing any data–both Firefox and Open Office Writer prompted me when I tested the application.

If you already have a number of pinned applications on your taskbar, perhaps it is better not to pin this application to prevent accidental click. It happens often to me that I click a wrong taskbar button. While an accidental click on this application won’t probably make you lose unsaved work, it is still incovenient when your windows suddenly close and that you have to open them again.

Instead, you might want to place it to the desktop. And if pressing Win + D or Win + M to minimize all windows and then double-clicking the program’s icon on the dekstop isn’t quick enough, you can apply a keyboard shortcut to activate the program. Here is how to do it:

  1. Send the program to the desktop.
  2. Right-click on the program’s icon on the desktop and choose “Properties”.
  3. Enter your own hotkey in the “Shortcut key” box and then press [Enter] or [OK] to enable it.

You can also find a user guide on how to exclude certain programs from being closed by this program at the developer’s homepage.

Version reviewed: Close All Windows 1.3 | Homepage

Close All Windows works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It was tested on Windows 7. Not sure if it also works with Windows 8 but you can try it to find out. Add this together with Stalker Go in your Windows utility arsenal and you will have applications to open multiple programs and close all them at once in one click.

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