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Shortcut Key to Search For Selected Text in Firefox & Google Chrome Browser

Firefox and Google Chrome browser lets you right-click on a selected text and search Google for it from the context menu. The option is quite handy as you don’t have to type the text or copy paste it in the URL bar or in the search bar. Still, the only option you get in the context menu is Google. What if you can add more search engines? Even more, what if you can choose which ones to be visible and ones to be hidden, and you can also use a shortcut key to search for a selected text using any of them including the hidden ones?

Meet SME – Search Made Easy. After you install it, you get an additional of 9 search engines in Firefox and Google Chrome context menu, each of which has already been associated with a shortcut key. For instance, B for Bing, W for Wikipedia, Y for YouTube. Meanwhile, the “URL-U” item is the option that lets you open a selected URL, where U is the hotkey.

search from context menu

SME on Firefox

new search engines

SME on Google Chrome

Select and highlight a text, right click on it and press the hotkey to use a search engine. The search result opens in new tab by default.

In the add-on’s option window, you can choose to open the search result in background or foreground tab, or in a new window. You can also add a new search engine, delete or edit any of them, and restore the default settings.

sme option

SME options

SME Preferences on Chrome

When you’re adding or editing a new search engine, you can change its name, edit the search URL, select one of the available shortcut keys, and choose if you want to hide or make it visible in the context menu. Hidden search engine can still be used by using the associated hotkey.

editing search engine

SME options on Chrome

SME editing options on Chrome

Version tested: SME 1.3 on Firefox 23 and SME 1.2 on Google Chrome 29


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