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Shortcut Key to Hide Taskbar [Windows 7, Vista, XP]

Auto hiding taskbar is another way to get more space to focus on what you’re doing on your screen in addition to using the full-screen feature of the programs—if available. But this means that you have to open the taskbar properties to disable/enable the auto hide repeatedly, unless you activate it the whole time. If you hide and unhide the taskbar frequently, you may want to be able to use a shortcut key to do so to make it quicker.

Taskbar Control is a portable application designed to do one thing only, and that is to let you set a hotkey to hide and unhide Windows taskbar. The default hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+i. It can be changed according to your liking at the Settings page of the program, which can be opened by right-clicking on the icon and click Settings.

taskbar control tray

change hotkey

Sometimes you may need to take a quick glance at the hidden taskbar. Instead of using the hotkey to display it temporarily, you can just move your mouse cursor to the bottom. The taskbar will hide itself automatically when you move the cursor away from it.

So, you can hide and unhide it with a hotkey, and you can also unhide it temporarily by placing the cursor at the bottom where the taskbar originally resides.

Note that a small window appears at the center of your screen at the first time you run the application. Hit Cancel to close the window. Don’t click OK unless you want to visit the homepage.

first run

Version tested: Taskbar Control on Windows 7 | Download Page

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