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Set Your Tweet to Self Destruct When It Expires

Why would anyone wants or needs to tweet something that will self destruct? I can’t find any valid reason for this, but if you do need it, you can try the service provided by Spirit for Twitter.

tweetspiritWith Spirit, you can set your tweet to self destruct after a certain amount of time by simply adding hashtags such as #10m, #1h, #2d or anything you want. Note that at the Sipirit’s site it says that your tweet will be deleted after the specified time. It doesn’t say “at that time”, which can be safely assumed that you will notice some delay in some tweets before they finally disappear.

I tested it by adding a hashtag #1m to delete the tweet after 1 minute passed and it was successfully disappeared, but not really sure if it was exactly 1 minute because I didn’t use stopwatch or anything like that, just the tray clock.

If you’re interested, you can go to the Spirit site to enable it on your Twitter account, and then use the hashtag for every tweet that you want to be automatically deleted.

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