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Search & Close Tabs from List all tabs Menu in Firefox

One of the troubles of browsing too many tabs is that you can get lost oftentimes, even with the Tab Mix Plus multi-row tabbar enabled. It’s frustating, but this is where the “List all tabs” can help you a bit. It displays the list of all the tabs that you open.


However, it does have its own limitation. When there are too many tabs to hold within the list, sometimes you might have to to scroll down and up before finally find the target. Additionally, I notice that when scanning through the tab list I often find one or two that I need no longer, but unfortunately there is no way to close them right from that list. This is why All Tabs Helper is a godsend.

It gives you the missing X button to each listed tab to close any unnecessary tab directly from within the list. It is even possible to close multiple tabs at once. And if you hit the wrong tab, you can get it back simply by clicking the undo close link, which is quicker than Ctrl + Shift + T when the list is still in focus.


It also provides a search function so that you can find any tab you want as quick as possible. There is no need for you to scroll your long list of tabs anymore.


Plus, the add-on has so many other useful options that you can make use of to take control of your wild tabs.

For example,

  • the “dup” where it lists all the duplicated tabs,
  • move tab by drag and drop,
  • the ability to open the list within the sidebar which makes it kind of feel like having a different style of Tree Style Tab (Want to open the list in sidebar in one single click of a button? Use it with OmniSidebar),
  • Ctrl + T to open new tab at the end of the bar and Alt + T to open one next to the current,
  • optional auto search on typing so that you don’t have to click the search tab to perform a task,
  • customizable shortcuts to open the List all tab and many others – most of them are only enabled when the menu is in focus, which is especially helpful when you open it in the sidebar,
  • and more, including manual and auto unload tab(s).

The All Tabs Helper/List all tabs panel can be resized by dragging the small box at the top-left corner

This is how it looks like on the sidebar:



After testing it on a clean profile of Firefox, I tried to use it on my browsing-mode profile which has many add-ons installed, including Tab Mix Plus, and it worked. The new-tab-opening behavior was automatically disabled, though, as it was already controlled by the TMP.

The verdict? If you’re a tab addict, you will probably like it. Go grab it here, have fun, but don’t blame me if your addiction gets worse.

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