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Save Pictures to Specified Folders Automatically in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari: SavePictureAs

Saving images is easy but it can become a little tedious when you need to save a lot of images in one session, especially if the images need to be saved into different folders. In the past we had mentioned a very useful extension called as Context Menu Image Saver, but this only works in Firefox. Here is an alternative that has been tested and worked for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Avant, RockMeIt, K-Meleon and Comodo Dragon browsers.

Hotkey Configuration

SavePictureAs is a free portable application for Windows that lets you download web pictures and automatically save them to any of the specified folders simply by pressing a customizable hotkey over the picture.

Favorites Toolbar

If you find it a little hard to remember all of the hotkeys and folders, you can use the Favorites Toolbar. With it you can set any folder as the default destination by clicking the appropriate button. This way you only have to use one hotkey—the one configured for the default destination—for all folders.

The toolbar stays on top as a small window, displaying ten buttons representing your specified folders. Hovering mouse over each button will reveal the assigned folder.


By default users are prompted to make a decision when a duplicate image is detected. A window appears where you can preview both pictures side-by-side along with their respective resolutions and options whether to keep saving the duplicate under a new name or delete it.

SavePictureAs Tray Icon

In the Additional Settings, users are given options to handle duplicates automatically, which includes:

  • Ask what to do
  • Do not save it with optional notification
  • Notify user (or never) and overwrite it
  • Save it by adding random number to filename
  • Save it by adding customizable date and time to filename
  • Check identical images using MD5 algorithms

SavePictureAs can also be configured to automatically rename original images, perhaps by adding date and time, sequential numbers, or your own text.

History Menu

The history menu provides access to the list of the saved images. You can view, move, copy, rename or delete any picture; or perhaps view the image details. The list keeps 30 pictures by default; more can be added via the Additional Settings window.

Additionally, the application can also perform common capture tasks (full screen, active window, and rectangle area). They’re very basic but still a useful bonus for simple and quick capture needs.

SavePictureAs requires no installation, supports multiple browsers, and is highly configurable. If you regularly save images a lot then this tool should be a must have. As for me, Context Menu Image Saver is superb but sometimes right-clicking on images can be tiresome, and this is when SavePictureAs can help me.

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