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Save Large Images from Right, Left or All Tabs in Batch to Specified Folders in Firefox

What if you can save images in tabs to the right or left of the active tab at once, even if there is a tab among them that is actually a html page with the larger image in it? This is something that Image Picker can do. Actually, it can do more; it can save images from all open tabs and close them afterwards, automatically rename pictures, create destination folder by title, plus some nice options for saving single image.

Batch Download

Let’s say that you find a thumbnail gallery. Middle-click or Ctrl + Click each thumbnail to open the original image in new background tabs, right-click on anywhere within the current page, select “Pick Images” from the context-menu, and then click “Pick images from right tabs”.

Options in Context Menu

What happens next is that a window will appear where you can view the images in filtered mode; by default only images that have at least 100KB size and 80×60 resolution are displayed—the extension checks Firefox cache first to see if the images are already stored there to save bandwidth and speed up the downloads. The filter can be adjusted according to your need to display only the pictures that you want to save. Or, you can simply show all of them and then manually select the ones to be saved.

At the bottom of the window, you can specify the destination folder. Note that Image Picker is already set to automatically create subfolder by page title to save the images. If you want to be able to change the subfolder title, you need to display the subfolder box in the interface via Image Picker’s configuration page. As for the files, there are also renaming masks for auto rename.

Batch Download Options

Single Download

With Image Picker, you can save a single image either by double-clicking on it or drag it, which by default will open the Save As dialog. You can optionally set a destination folder via the Configuration window so that the image will be saved without opening the dialog window.

Single Download Options

Pros and Cons

It’s simple and it works, featuring some good options to save single and multiple images, especially its capability to detect large image in a web page. Speaking of which, it’s helpful for thumbnails or links that actually refer to a web page where the large image is displayed instead of directly linking to the image itself.

I also like its ability to save a single image just by dragging it, which will then be saved in the folder that you have specified beforehand. It’s a lot easier than right-clicking on it to open the Save As dialog. It’s even easier than using Context Menu Image Saver, provided that you only need one destination to save all the individual images.

The disadvantage is obvious; you cannot save linked images. You have to open the pages one by one in new tabs before you can save the pictures. Fortunately, they can be opened in background tabs using middle-click or Ctrl + click, and then you can right-click the current tab and select “Close tabs to the right” to close the right tabs or “Close tabs to the bottom” if you use Tree Style Tab extension.

The extension does have option to close the tabs immediately after the images are saved but unfortunately it also closes the active tab. If you still have some images left to save from the tab, then you cannot use this option.

Also, the only way it handles duplicated images is automatically saving them under different names. There is no option to prompt you when the same filename is detected. The only prevention effort you can do is setting the extension to always ask you where to save image.

Version tested: Image Picker 1.8.1 on Firefox Aurora 29

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