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Save Images Without Save As Dialog With Context Menu Image Saver (Firefox)

Instead of opening the Save As dialog everytime you want to save an image, you can set a number of predefined folders in Firefox context-menu to which the images are saved. This way you can save numerous kinds of pictures to different folders simply by right-clicking on the images and select the appropriate destination folders from the context-menu.

save images via context menu

This is what Context Menu Image Saver (CMIS) does. It saves you from the hassle of saving individual images. This nice restartless add-on had been reviewed here and now it has a few more significant improvements in the latest release.

Some of the new improvements include:

  • “Generate” button to add an item quickly based on the default settings—the folder name is used as its title and the saving option uses the default string. All you need to do here is just specifying the destination folder.
  • Any (context-menu) item can now optionally show the “Save As” dialog to save an image, which can be useful in certain situations like when you need to rename an image before saving it—it happens quite often to me that I need to open the dialog box to give more descriptive filenames to some particular images.
  • Added a number of new format strings; %HOST, %DOMAIN, %URL and so on. This is another way of providing descriptive names to images. You can automatically insert the name of the domain, the URL, custom date, or even the image ALT text into the image filename.
  • Added an option to open the settings window via the context-menu so you don’t need to open the Add-ons panel again everytime you want to add, remove or edit any item.

edit menu items

edit menu item

And here you are the other cool features it has:

  • Create submenus to group items.
  • Place the items and submenus at the top or bottom of the context-menu, or above or below the “Save as” menu item.
  • Use hotkey—Ctrl+RMB—to quickly save an image to the last used directory.
  • Optionally show the notification at status bar after an image has been successfully saved.
  • Optionally hide the default “Save Image As…” item from the context-menu.
  • When a duplicated image is detected, you can set it to prompt user, directly save the image under different filename, or overwrite the existing one.
  • The items can be arranged either by using Up and Down buttons or by dragging and dropping.
  • Add separators as many as you like.

CMIS options

CMIS is a wonderful individual image grabbing tool that is near to perfectly suit my need, and thus I recommend this tool wholeheartedly to you all. The current version, Context Menu Image Saver 20130626, works like a charm on my Firefox 22. If you’re interested, you can download and install this add-on from this page.

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