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Save Image to Folder (Firefox) Without Save As Dialog

Normally, to save an image to a folder in Firefox, users have to right-click on it and select “Save Image As…”. It will then open the Save Image dialog window where users can rename the image before saving or simply press the OK button to save it immediately. If you save a lot of images, this standard practice is a waste of time. Even if you save all of the images within the same folder, it is still a waste of time–unless you need to rename each picture–as you have to open the Save Image dialog every single time. So, how can you save image to folder without opening it?

Context Menu Image Saver 20120831 is a restartless Firefox addon that allows users to place custom folder destinations within the right-click menu. When an image needs to be saved, simply right-click on it and select a folder. The image will then be saved into the folder directly without popping up the Save Image dialog.

direct saving

It is possible to create submenus so that users can add many custom folders within the context menu without making it too crowded. Moreover, the position of menus and submenus can also be arranged. Don’t forget to take advantage of the separator line to make it looks more neatly organized. To add, remove, and manage the menus , go to the addon window and click on the [Menu Item Settings] button.

menu settings

When creating an item, prefix can optionally be added to filenames, which comes pretty handy when you save images that have random names.

filename prefix

Note that even if you enable the Firefox built-in option to show the download window after saving, the images are still saved without notification. The only way to find out if an image is downloaded is by watching the Firefox button on the taskbar. When downloading something, including saving a picture, you can usually see the green loading progress on the button.

To prevent saving the same picture, you can choose “overwrite the existing file” or “prompt the user”. The latter option will ask if you want to cancel the saving, overwrite or rename the file everytime you’re about to save an image that has been existing in the destination folder.

Another nifty feature from the extension is that it lets you change the items position in the context menu. I prefer the top because most of the time it is the most visible location and the closest area to be reached when I’m going to save images. Beside the top, the items can also be placed at the bottom, or above or below the “Save As” option.


The keyboard shortcut to save images to the last used directory also gives a boost to the saving task, especially when you are going to save a lot of images to the same folder. The shortcut key is Ctrl-RMB–RMB stands for Right Mouse Button. So when you want to save an image to the last used folder, hold the [Ctrl] keyboard button while right-clicking on the picture.

Another addon that grabbed my attention was Save Image in Folder. Unfortunately, some pictures that I tried to save with it were failed to detect as images and named as “unknown.ext”.

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