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Save Image By Double-Clicking in Firefox

Want to save an image to your preferred folder just by double-clicking on it ? This one can even save a picture containing a link without opening the URL. It’s true that other add-on like Image Picker that had been covered here can also download an image by double-clicking, but it doesn’t have the capability to ignore the link.

Double-click Image Downloader places two button icons on Firefox navigation bar.


The arrow flashes white when a download starts and green when it finishes, but the most noticeable notification is the pop-up after an image is completely downloaded. This pop-up notification appears on the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking on the pop-up opens up the image folder in a new tab. On the other hand, clicking on the arrow displays the last downloaded picture in a small window at the center of the screen.


The other button provides a shorcut to the file and subfolder name patterns. By default these two are disabled so make sure to enable the options first via the Firefox add-on manager.


This add-on saves an image automatically on double-clicking without having to press and hold another key except for the images that contain links which requires Alt key. However, there is an option to always use Shift key when double-clicking an image for saving if you prefer it that way. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the domain exclusion function to completely disable the double-click saving on certain sites.

Double-click Image Downloader is now on its 4.0 version at Firefox add-on repository.

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