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Save All Images in All Tabs At Once in Google Chrome

There is no doubt that the web is so full of breathtaking pictures. The magic beauty of nature, the charming sensation of Teresa Palmer, the wonderful scenery of city at night, and so on. These photos are all available within reach, and most are completely free. However, saving all of these images one by one sometimes seem to be quite an exhausting task despite the fact that we actually just click here and there to get it done. This is probably one of the reasons of why there are a number of tools out there to save multiple images at once.

One of these tools, which any of us can grab for free, is Save Tabbed Images. It’s a Google Chrome extension made by kevinqi.com.

What it offers is simple. Open images as many as you want in tabs, click the icon and hit the magic button, pick a destination folder, and all of the pictures will be downloaded.


You need to make sure, though, that the option to “ask where to save each file before downloading” in Google Chrome settings is disabled/unchecked. Otherwise it will open the save as dialog everytime you’re about to save an image.

One thing that some of you might not like is that it doesn’t detect linked images. It can only grab images that are loaded directly in individual tabs. However, it can still be very useful on some occasions like when you open a number of images originating from different sources. At least you don’t need to navigate to each tab to save the pictures.

When you click on the icon, you can see how many images it detects and where they come from. The extension allows you to download the images in the default download location or in its subfolder. If you want to save it to a different destination, then you have to change it via the Google Chrome setting page.

Once it finishes the job, you can close all the downloaded tabs in one click. Note, however, that you should click on the close option before you do anything else. Otherwise the option will disappear and you have to close the tabs on your own.


Install Save Tabbed Images from here (tested the version 0.4.0 in Google Chrome v.47).

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