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Right-Click on Text or Image and Search By Google Images [Firefox]

Perhaps you come across a celeb name that you aren’t familiar with and want to search her photos, or find an interesting image that you want to find out further. Instead of opening Google Images and type the keywords manually, you should try to use this Firefox add-on called as Contextual Google Image Search, which allows you to do the search simply by right-clicking on the text or image.

The add-on adds two new menus to your Firefox context menu:

  1. Search Text by Google Image when you’re right-clicking on a highlighted text. It opens Google Images in a new tab where you can see the pictures that match the text.
  2. Search Image by Google when you’re right-clicking on an image. It opens the result in current tab by default.

Tips: Use Middle-click or Ctrl + Left-click to open in new tab

search image by google

Download Contextual Google Image Search : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/conggl/”

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