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Restore Firefox New Tab Page, Homepage, and Default Search Engine After Changed by Toolbars or Extensions With Settings Guard for Firefox

Like it or not, there are many free applications out there that come bundled with a pack of toolbars and other extra settings that aren’t actually needed for them to run properly. They change your browser’s homepage, new tab page and default search engine. I don’t mind with this extra bundle as long as the developers do not implement deceptive techniques to install their software. Users should be informed well about the existence of such extra toolbars and should be provided with clear options to exclude them from the installation.

Settings Guard for Firefox is a restartless add-on that automatically detects when the browser’s default new tab page, homepage and search engine have changed. It shows a warning message when it detects such events and prompt you to restore the default settings if you want to.

restore to firefox default settings

If you want to revert back to Firefox default settings, simply hit the OK button. If you want to keep the changes, uncheck all of the boxes before you hit OK.

I tried it with two toolbars and the add-on can detect the changes nicely. However, note that it only restores Firefox default settings. It doesn’t uninstall the toolbar. You have to do it on your own to perform the uninstallation. To uninstall toolbars you can use Avast Browser Cleanup or Junkware Removal Tool.

Version tested: Settings Guard for Firefox 0.5 | Homepage

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