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Restart Firefox With Shortcut Key or Button

Firefox doesn’t provide an easy way to manually restart the browser. Normally users can restart it after they install extensions. If the browser doesn’t restarted right after installing an add-on, the restart notification disappears and thus we have to open the add-on window later on to be able to perform the task.

On yesterday’s post about opening extension option without the add-ons window, you can set the extension to add a restart icon on the end of the list. Clicking the icon will restart Firefox while preserving the tabs just like before it was closed. If you don’t think that is not efficient enough to restart the browser and you want to be able to do it more quickly, there is another way.

By installing Restartless Restart extension, you can manually restart Firefox either with a shortcut key or by clicking a single button. The default hotkey to restart is Ctrl + Alt + R. Users can change the hotkey if they want to.

The possibility to press a button to restart is a good feature addition to provide a faster way for users who are not in the mood to lift their fingers from mouse to touch the keyboard. However, note that the button is not visible by default. It has to be manually added through the “Customize Toolbar” window.

Users can open the window by right-clicking on the empty section of the tab bar and select “Customize”. Find the restart button within the window. Drag and drop it to the navigation bar once you find it. Click “Done” to apply the setting and close the window at once.

add restart button to bar

Aside from adding button and shortcut key, Restartless Restart also adds restart function to the Firefox button menu and File.

If you don’t need these additional icons in the Firefox button menu and File, you can eliminate them using Menu Editor extension as Restartless Restart doesn’t provide option to disable or hide the icons.

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