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Resize, Watermark, Share Multiple Images At Once via Windows Context Menu

I’m used to use PhotoFiltre to resize screenshots for my blog posts. I resize the images one by one intentionally so that I can preview each result before finally saving it. I prefer that way because I have to make sure that the quality of each picture is good enough at the smallest possible size. When I need to upload certain photos for other purposes, however, I prefer using a program that can resize multiple images at once. Undoubtedly, there are so many tools for batch resizing images, but CoolTweak is probably one of those that you want to try.

context menu integration

CoolTweak integrates itself to Windows context menu, allowing users to access all of its actions from the sub-menus. Select and right-click on some images, or a folder, and choose one of the CoolTweak sub-menus to perform a predefined action on the selected pictures. That’s it. The main interface of CoolTweak itself can be opened by clicking on “Open editor” submenu.

cooltweak main interface

Beside resizing, CoolTweak also lets you perform other automatic actions such as watermarking and sharing your pictures to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Each default setting lets users to do one thing only, but it can modified easily according to your preferences. This means you can perform two or more actions like resize and watermark your images at a time in one click.

One of the coolest things from the application is its flexible menu customization. You can create different menus or settings to serve different purposes. For example, you can create a setting or menu to resize and watermark pictures for blog post and another different menu to resize images for your Facebook timeline cover. Furthermore, you can freely name each profile/menu/setting.

create submenu

Each menu, and its submenu, can be edited and deleted except the first one that opens CoolTweak interface. You can change the names and apply different icons for the menus. Furthermore, a menu can also be duplicated. Menu position is adjustable as well. Just drag and drop any menu up and down to reposition it.

menu customization

As mentioned before, a menu can contain multiple actions. What’s more, the settings of each action can also be duplicated. This means you can simply copy and paste any action setting if you want to use the same action on another menu.

For example, let’s assume that there is already a menu that contains specific resize action settings, and you want to use the settings on a new menu you’ve just created. Instead of creating and configuring the action settings from scratch, you can just copy and paste the action settings to be duplicated.

Another feature that interest me is the ability to add multiple watermarks (vertically and/or horizontally) on every image. I’ve been looking for an image watermarking freeware that can do this but still cannot find it yet so far. I wish there were option to limit the number of watermark repetitions based on number, though, so that I can have, let’s say, only three watermark repetitions on every image.

CoolTweak doesn’t have option to preview your customization but users are provided with the capability to test the settings that they’ve just created. After you save the new settings, click on the “Test these settings” button and pick up an image to check the result.

test settings

All in all, having different image editing profiles that each of which can be given custom name and can be accessed quickly from Windows context menu can increase our productivity for sure. If you’re interested to give it a try, go ahead to the developer’s homepage to download the installer. CoolTweak works with 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008. Net Framework is required.

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