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Resize Multiple Pictures At Once in One Click in Windows with Fast Image Resizer

Sometimes we probably need to resize multiple pictures. Fortunately, there are many free tools that can be used to resize images in batch. One of these programs that you should try is Fast Image Resizer which is developed by Adionsoft. It is a simple tool that you will probably find pretty useful when you need to process many photos at once. Supported image formats are JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and HD Photo (.wdp, .hdp) files.

If you want a straightforward application so you can get it done in no time, this one might suit your need. Users can either make use of the Send To menu or the Drag and Drop feature to process the images. I tried to resize 232 images at once, most of which are high resolution, and it managed to finish the task within around three minutes.

How to resize multiple pictures at a time

1. Download the installer and install the program. If you want to utilize the Send To menu in Windows explorer to send the images to the program, make sure the option is activated when installing the software.

activate send to

2. Launch the application from the Start menu right after the installation is finished.

the main window

3. Click the “Options” button.

4. In the Options window, you can select an output format, specify where the resized images should be saved, automatic rotation and cropping, and overwrite rules. After everything is set up, click the OK button to get back to the main interface.

the options

5. In the main window, click the drop-down list and select a resolution that fits your need.

choose a new size

6. Drag and drop the images into the application.

resize multiple pictures

All images will be automatically resized once they are dropped in.


  • Support multicore processors
  • Size presets for quick resize
  • Users can add custom size
  • Drag and drop support
  • Send To menu support to resize images more quickly
  • Auto cropping
  • Copy EXIF info from source
  • Save output as JPEG, BMP or PNG
  • Adjust JPEG output quality
  • Automatic rotation based on EXIF data
  • Auto rotation to landscape, landscape CCW, or to portrait
  • Overwrite confirmation


  • If you cannot find the resolution you need from the drop-down list, you can add it. Scroll down the list to find and click the “Edit List” option. Type your own resolution and click the Add button. Hit the OK button afterwards.
  • Whenever you want to resize images using the previous resolution settings, you can just simply send the images to the application using the Send To menu. Select all of the images you want, right-click on them, select FastImageResizer from the right-click menu and the images will be instantly processed.
  • If you want to resize all images within a folder, you can do so simply by using the Send To menu.

Due to how it is created, it is a perfect tool if you want to resize many images at once into a fixed resolution. But what if you want to resize several images into different sizes automatically? You can use an application like Foto Sizer for this. One of its features allows users to resize multiple pictures based on percentage of the height and width.

Fast Image Resizer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6. You can download the installer from the developer’s website. It’s only 443 KB.

Version tested: v0.98

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