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Reset Hijacked Homepages & Uninstall Toolbars in IE, Firefox & Chrome With Auslogics Browser Manager

You open your Internet Explorer (IE) browser and find that its default search engine and homepage has changed, and a toolbar that you absolutely never intentionally install has made its way into the browser. What is it? How does it happen? How do I uninstall it? Does it also happen to my other browsers? Auslogics Browser Manager cannot answer all these questions, but it provides an easier way to fix the problems.

the main window

How to Fix
Let’s pretend that your IE browser is the one that gets “infected”. Close IE, open Auslogics Browser Manager, go to the IE tab, find the unwanted toolbar within the list and remove it, click the homepage field to change the homepage, and click the search menu to choose your preferred search engine. The changes you make are applied instantly so you won’t find any apply button or something like that whatsoever.

Reset default browser settings
What’s more, you can reset your default browser settings easily if you need to. No need to launch the browser to search its reset button. Just open the application and go to the browser’s tab, click the “restore default browser settings” link below the add-on list, and click to confirm your action before starting the restoration. That’s it.

Backup to undo changes
One of the advantages of using the program to manage your browsers is that it has a backup feature to undo any change that you make. Let’s say that you have used the tool to uninstall a certain extension but later decides that you need it. Instead of searching, downloading and installing the extension again, you can just recover it.

To do this, click on the Restore link on the left bottom of the main window. The Rescue Center panel appears where you can see a list of backups of the actions you’ve taken. Choose the proper one and hit the Restore button. If the browser is still open, restart it for the change to take effect.

rescue center

Supported browsers
Unfortunately, just like Avast Browser Cleanup, only three browsers are supported. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Clear your browsing data
The amount of the browsing data for each browser can also be seen right on its interface. Clicking on it reveals a window where you can choose to remove all of them or just cookies, cache, history or account data.

Note: Not all extensions or toolbars can be removed. For example, IDM CC. I have this one installed on Firefox. The disable and remove buttons are available in the Firefox add-on manager panel but greyed out in Auslogics Browser Manager.

All in all, tools such as Auslogics Browser Manager is convenient to have even for a savy user as it allows to save time. Especially for non-savy users, they don’t have to learn how to, for instance, reset default settings for each browser in case something goes wrong. Not to mention that it has a backup feature that allows them to undo things. However, the fact that it only supports three browsers may prevent some users from using it.

Support: Win 8 (32 or 64 bit), Win 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista SP2 (32-bit only), XP SP3 (32-bit only)
Version tested: Auslogics Browser Manager (on Windows 7 64-bit)

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