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Reset Button for Chrome to Restore The Browser Back to Its Default State

Google Chrome has made resetting the browser easier by adding a new reset button under its advanced settings. If your Chrome gets hijacked, default search engine and new tab page has changed somehow, gets slower, and you don’t want to go through the hassle to fix it manually, or if your repair efforts seem to not having any effect, you can just hit the button to get rid of the troubles. Keep in mind, though, that by doing so can cause most of your Chrome personalization settings lost.

the reset button

The reset button can be found at the most bottom part of the advanced setting.

If you want to access it mouselessly, here is what to do:

Type chrome://settings in the address bar and then type “reset” (without quotes) in the search box. The cursor focus is in the search box automatically once the settings page opened so you can immediately type the word.

Or, if you want to instantly reset the browser, type “chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings” (without quotes) in the address bar. A pop-up dialog will appear that lets you know which parts of the browser that will get affected—which includes homepage, new tab page, search engine, extensions, pinned tabs, temporary and cached data—and asks you to confirm the reset.

reset confirmation

Can’t find the reset button? Make sure that your browser has been updated to the latest version, which is Google Chrome 29.

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