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Repair Internet Explorer Without Reinstall With Browser Repair Tool

Browser Repair Tool is an application developed to provide a quick help for users to repair Internet Explorer issues immediately. For example, restoring IE homepage to blank page. Sometimes we might accidentally install something that makes the homepage changes. In my case, Ask.com replaced my IE homepage. While this kind of issue can be fixed easily on our own, this repair tool makes it even much easier and quicker. Users who don’t familiar with the Internet Option might not be able to quickly find the setting to get it repaired, but they can definitely see the right option to repair it instantly within this program.

browser repair tool

Developed by Anvisoft, Browser Repair Tool is a portable application so users can just double-click on the exe file to run it. The current version, 1.0, is only capable of repairing Internet Explorer but the developer is planning to release supports for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers as well in the next version 2.0.

Here you are the list of what this program capable of:

  • Restore IE title bar
  • Restore IE homepage to default, use blank page, or change the homepage a specific URL
  • Block Windows startup pop-up
  • Restore default search engine
  • Repair Network associated items
  • Enable Internet options
  • Repair Windows Safe startup items
  • Unlock registry editor
  • Restore IE default security item
  • Repair IE default path, file association, Windows IFEO hijack
  • Restore IE default agreement
  • Remove IE content advisor
  • Empty Outlook Express title bar
  • Restore IE desktop icon
  • Set IE as default browser
  • Restore IE favorite
  • Restore right-click button menu
  • Remove cookies
  • Clear browsing history and BHO plugin
  • Restore WinSockLSP

Additional feature
Take a look at the top right of the interface. There is a button to reset DNS settings. Additionally, when you click on the drop-down arrow it reveals a list of DNS services such as Google DNS, OpenDNS, OpenDNS Family, Norton DNS, Comodo Secure, Scrubit DNS, and DNS Advantage. This allows you to switch between DNS easily. If you want more services then you should try DNS Jumper.

dns reset

Note that not all of the repair options are checked by default. Users can choose any of the items that need to be repaired but still it needs to be cautiously done as it can change the existing IE settings. At least make sure that you know exactly what is wrong with your IE before choosing any repair option from the list to avoid unnecessary changes.

This program is free. I have no idea why the download button says “download trial” on the download page but it is absolutely free. Well, at least for now.

Internet Explorer errors can be fixed by reinstalling the browser or perhaps by resetting the whole settings to its default state, but if you don’t want to do it everytime you encounter some error that you have no clue of how to repair it, then perhaps you want to put this application to your arsenal of program repair tools so that the errors can be fixed in just one click. If you’re interested, go to the developer’s website to download it.

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