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Remove Unwanted Right-Click Menu Items (Firefox)

Right-click menu or context menu is supposed to provide a quick access to some frequently used functions or features. However, when the menu become overly crowded as you install more extensions, it can become much less effective. Ideally, each Firefox extension that adds new items or entries to the context menu should make it optional, but unfortunately there are many extensions out there that just add more entries to the menu without giving any option for users to get rid of it.

Even the extensions that kindly provide option to hide their context menu entries might not be as flexible as you want. Let’s take a look at Scrapbook extension, for instance. It has option to remove its “save as bookmark” entry but that’s not enough. I want to hide its “Save page as” entry as well but there is no option for this. If I unticked “Show in browser context menu”, all of its entries disappear altogether. This is where the extension that I’m about to mention comes very handy to handle this issue.

removed right click menu entries

There are two simple solutions to remove unwanted right-click menu items to increase its usability. If the entries come from an extension, you can simply remove the extension if you don’t really need it. Or, if you think you can’t live without it and there is no any good alternative to replace the add-on, then you can try to use Menu Editor.

In short, Menu Editor is a Firefox extension that lets you manage the items within the context menu and main menu. Beside the ability to remove unwanted items, you can also use it to adjust the position of each item and even move some entries to another menu.

How to remove context menu entries with Menu Editor

Once you install Menu Editor and restart your Firefox browser, enter the Add-Ons window by clicking the Firefox orange button and select Add-ons. Once you get in the Add-Ons window, Find the Menu Editor and click its Options button.

open add-ons

As you can see from the screenshot below, all of the context menu entries–including the default menu entries and the items added by extensions–are neatly listed. You can see the main context menu immediately once you open the Options window. If you want to edit the tab context menu instead, click on the drop-down button and select “Tab context menu”.

menu editor interface

Removing any entry from the context menu is pretty easy. Just select the entry you want to remove, click the “Hide” button, and then click “Apply”. That’s it. You can check to see if the entry has already been removed from the right-click menu.

Since the unwanted entry is simply hidden and not really removed, you can put it back again. To display the entry that you have removed, select it, click on the “Show” button, and press the “Apply” button.

The reset buttons that you see on the screen will revert the menu configuration to its default setting. So if you have hidden many items from the context menu and need to get all of them back to be displayed like it used to be, just press the Reset button. The “Reset All” button restores all menu configurations while the “Reset” button restores the configuration of one menu–the one that you’re currently editing.

Instead of completely removing all of the entries that you don’t really need, consider about reordering the position to move the ones that you rarely use to a less accessible spot.

For example, I rarely use “Pin as App Tab”–one of the entries of tab context menu–but need it to keep visible. What I did was moving it to the end of the menu. This way I can have a more usable context menu than before while still being able to access the rarely used item easily anytime I want.

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