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Remove Firefox Text on Firefox Button or Remove Firefox Button & Make Close, Minimize, Maximize Buttons Smaller to Save Space

When Firefox menu bar was replaced with a single menu button, the wasted space on the top is eliminated and thus users can enjoy more screen space. Still, it seems that some users can’t feel satisfied enough with the change and they want more–which is a good thing. When browsing the Firefox add-ons site, I found an extension, called as Hide Caption Titlebar Plus, that can make Firefox button smaller by removing most of its text. After installing this extension, the only thing left on the button is the letter “F”.

Firefox Button
The extension automatically replaces the text and make Firefox button smaller once you install it and restart the browser. The screenshow below is taken right after it was installed without any modification yet.

You can choose other button size from its options window. If you select the thinnest version, the button will look extremely smaller that makes it can barely seen on the top left corner. When Firefox finally decide to add a keyboard shortcut for the orange menu button, I will choose the smallest one for sure. Before that really happens, the third or fourth button from the list is good enough.

By default, the menu bar is displayed–floating next to the Firefox button–when you place mouse over the button. The active webpage title is also visible but doesn’t add any value whatsoever. Fortunately, you can remove the title through the add-on option. The floating menu can also be turned off.

Minimize, Maximize, Close Buttons
Another thing to note from its default setting is that it also makes Firefox close, minimize, and maximize button–the ones on the top right corner–smaller. Moreover, it changes how the Firefox close button behaves. Normally, it closes the browser when you click on it. After installing the extension, it closes the active tab instead. You can change this default behavior, though, through its option.

Users can also activate the floating style for these buttons to gain even more space. When this mode is activated, the only visible item on the top right corner–when the browser’s window is maximized–is a thin red button. Hovering your mouse over the thin button displays the buttons. In un-maximized window, the small close button is visible but the rest–maximize and minimize buttons–is displayed only when you place mouse over the button.

This floating style for the buttons can be activated through the option window. Open the first panel–Look & Feel–and then choose “Micro-Close button” from the drop-down button under the [Custom Minimize, Max & Close Buttons].

Want to get more space? Remove Firefox button. Yes, the extension does provide an option to disable the button. You can make use of the shortcut key [Alt] to access the menu bar as its replacement. For example, pressing “Alt+F” opens up the File menu. To remove it, go to “Look & Feel 2” panel and uncheck “Enable custom Firefox application Home button”.

Additionally, in its Advanced Settings panel, there are options to make the tab bar, tabs and toolbars smaller.

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  • Selvan November 26, 2012, 12:34 pm

    Perfect, been trying hard to find a way to lesson the height of tabs so they match the firefox button…. this gave me even more goodies, love it.

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