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Reduce Spacing Between Pinned Items in Taskbar (Windows 7)

Notice that empty spaces between pinned icons in Windows 7 taskbar? The more pinned items you add into the area, the more space you will have to sacrifice to accomodate the gaps.

The easiest solution to this, without hacking registry or using a third-party application, is to move the taskbar to the side of the screen, which not only puts the icons a bit closer together, but also frees up some vertical space. This gives you a lesser taskbar width, however. If your intention in removing the empty spaces is so that you can have as many icons as possible to stay visible in the taskbar, then this solution is perhaps not what you’re looking for, as it tends to create another space problem.

Meet 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. When I read news on Softpedia announcing the program’s update and saw the screenshot, I noticed an option that can easily fix it.

Launch the application and look for “remove extra gap between items” option—at the bottom left corner of the interface—and then click on the check box to enable it.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Pinned Item Width Reduced

Small Icons

The program has to stay running to keep the setting activated. It silently sits on the tray when you close the window. If you exit it, the pinned items will have their empty spaces back again. Fortunately, the application has an extensive set of features that allows you to utilize the taskbar to its full potential, so perhaps that will make you think that it is worth to keep it running all the time.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker installer is available for download at the developer’s homepage. The portable option can be found in the installation process.

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