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Remove AVG Secure Search from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Want to remove AVG Secure Search feature from your browser? When working on yesterday’s article that took a few hours to finish as I had to install and uninstall AVG Antivirus 2013 several times, I discovered two options to remove the feature. Which one you will choose largely depends on your specific situation, though. The article has already mentioned one of the removal methods, which is pretty easy, but it works only when you still have that AVG toolbar on your Internet Explorer browser. What if you want to get rid of AVG search but the toolbar has already been uninstalled?

Additionally, you might find that even after uninstalling the toolbar along with the AVG Search, the default search engine of your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) is still using the AVG’s. I didn’t encounter such a trouble after the removal using the Internet Explorer method, but I guess it is still possible to happen to any of you due to varied circumstances.

Since I have already posted the removal method by using Internet Explorer browser, you can read the post here. Or, to make it easy, I will just repeat it quickly here:

Remove AVG Secure Search with Internet Explorer

  • Run the browser.
  • Hit the AVG button on the security toolbar to view the contents.
  • Click on “Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar”.
  • Choose the second option and hit the OK button.

Keep in mind that the above method only works when you still have the security toolbar installed. If the toolbar has gone uninstalled, then you can remove the AVG search manually on each browser.

Remove AVG Secure Search Manually on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

This method is suitable in any of these situations:

  • You have uninstalled AVG Security Toolbar so it is impossible to use the Internet Explorer method.
  • You want to get rid of the search feature but need to keep the toolbar.

Let’s begin with the removal process in Firefox.


  • Click the drop-down button of the search box. Select and click “Manage Search Engines”.
  • firefox search box

  • The “Manage Search Engine List” window appears.
  • manage search engine list

  • Select “AVG Secure Search” to highlight it.
  • Hit the Remove button.
  • Click OK.

After the window is closed, you will see that the AVG Secure Search button on the search box has gone. Now highlight some text on any web page and right-click on it. Look at the “Search” option in the Firefox context menu. The search has gone as well replaced by your previously default search engine.

search from right-click menu


  • Go to your Chrome extension page by clicking on the wrench icon on the toolbar panel >> Tools >> Extensions.
  • Find the AVG Secure Search extension. Click on the recycle bin icon.
  • avg secure search extension in chrome

  • The removal confirmation window appears, asking if you really want to remove the extension.
  • confirm to remove

  • Hit the Remove button to get rid of the extension from your Chrome.

Internet Explorer

  • If the default search engine is still AVG Secure Search, then first you have to change it.
  • Click on the gear icon located at the top right side of the toolbar.
  • internet explorer gear icon

  • Select “Manage add-ons” and click on it.
  • In Manage Add-ons window, select “Search Providers”.
  • Select on any other search engine and hit the “Set as default” button to replace the AVG.
  • default search engine

  • Once the default search engine has changed, select the AVG Secure Search, then hit the “Remove” button or right-click on it and select “Remove” from the context-menu.
  • avg search removal from ie

If there is nothing happens when you press the “Remove” button, try to restart the browser.

AVG Secure Search is supposed to be developed to prevent any potential risk as early as possible. The search engine, as you have noticed, is powered by Google. Unfortunately, I just didn’t like what I see there. I do remember that there are some Google search features missing from that version, but I forget which ones as I have already uninstalled the AVG search from all of my browsers. Anyway, if you just want to get your previously search engine back and remove this AVG search version, then I hope you find this article helpful.



Check Windows startup panel after manually removing AVG secure search. Today I found ROC_ROC_NT item on my startup list, which turns out that it is a part of the AVG search. Uncheck it, click OK, and restart your PC.

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