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Reduce PDF Size with PDF Compressor for Windows

Before emailing any PDF file or uploading it to an online file hosting to be shared, it is best to reduce its size first. By compressing the size, the document can be uploaded and downloaded faster. In addition to compress the file with compression tools such as Winrar or 7-zip, you can also reduce the PDF size itself directly using a dedicated tool like PDF Compressor.

PDF Compressor is a freeware that enables you to compress multiple PDF files at once within three easy steps only. Add PDF files, select the destination folder, and click the Start Compression button.


You can add files either by clicking the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” or by dragging and dropping them to the main window. The files are then listed on the waiting list. After specifying the output folder, you can start the compression for the whole files at once or only some selected files.

The Auto Rename feature in the Advanced tab allows you to specify file suffix for the outputs to make sure that the result is saved as a different file when you want to save it in the source’s directory.

After the compression is finished, you can see how much each PDF file can be compressed. Note that the program can only reduce size for PDFs that aren’t compressed yet, so you might see a number of PDf files that achieve zero compression. It would be better if there is an option to ignore such files in the process rather than keep creating them anyway.


When being tested using a number of files, the application failed to process one file so I had to repeat it. However, nothing worked when I chose the option to “process failed files”. The only thing happened is the appearance of the waiting sign. It began to process the file only after I chose “process selected files”.

These are the key features as per the developer:

  • Compress PDF and reduce PDF file size
  • Support batch mode. Easily compress thousands of PDF files.
  • Support encrypted PDF document
  • Lossless compression, keep quality the same.
  • Better compression mode with minor quality loss.
  • The UI is intuitive and streamlined.
  • Easy to use, no learning curve.
  • Supports touch mode. Ready for touchable pad/Microsoft Surface.

PDF Compressor (14.96 MB) is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

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