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Prevent Tabs From Loading At Start to Open Chrome Faster

Closing Google Chrome while leaving too many tabs stay opened can slow down the browser during the start when you run it again later. Moreover, the system is also negatively affected during the startup time. To solve this issue without having to install any Chrome extension, I take advantage of the built-in bookmark feature while keeping the Chrome settings to open new tab page when it starts. Press Ctrl + Shift D and all of the tabs are bookmarked in one folder. The next time I want to reopen any of the tabs, I just need to access the bookmark folder to click the link.

The most obvious disadvantage of using such simple solution is that you have to access the bookmark again and again to click the links one by one to open the tabs that you need. If only Google Chrome were provided with a built-in feature to prevent the tabs from automatically loading at the browser’s start just like what you can find on Firefox, it would be able to minimize the speed issue during the start. The Great Suspender is one of Google Chrome extension that tries to bring in the feature to the browser.

Once installed you will see a new icon added to your Chrome toolbar area. Clicking the icon reveals some options such as suspend all tabs, suspend this tab, reload all tabs and access the extension’s setting page.

options to suspend tabs

To make the extension automatically prevent tabs from loading at Chrome’s start, all tabs must be suspended manually before you close the browser.

It is also possible to suspend a single tab manually when you don’t need it again for a while to free up the memory resource consumed by the tab. What’s more, the extension can be configured to automatically suspend inactive tab once it reaches the specified length of inactivity.


Each suspended tab can be reloaded one by one by clicking on anywhere within the page of the tab. There is an option to reload a tab automatically when it gains focus if you don’t like having to click everytime you want to reload a page. This option can be found at the extension’s settings page.

What if you want to exclude some pages from the automatic suspension? What if you want some pages to keep loading while the others are blocked at the browser’s start? Add the pages to the whitelist, separated by spaces.

The experimental scren capturing feature is supposed to take a snapshot of the content of a tab which is then displayed on the page during the suspension to provide a visual preview to users, but it only worked once when I tried it on a number of pages.

So, with The Great Suspender you can prevent Chrome from loading all tabs at startup to speed up the browser’s loading. Or, you can make Chrome to load only certain tabs and prevent it from loading the rest. If you’re used to open so many tabs and experience a terrible slow when Chrome starts with those tons of tabs, try to use this extension.

Tested version: The Great Suspender v4.74 on Google Chrome v27.

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