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Portable Free Alarm Clock to Set Multiple Alarms [Windows]

Portable Free Alarm Clock is a nifty free application that lets you set multiple one-time or repeating alarms (daily or every specific days like every Monday, every Monday and Tuesday, and so on). Adding an alarm is as easy as pressing a button or shortcut key, and is much easier with the ability to clone an alarm to create a new one using the same configuration. Each alarm can be temporarily disabled (by removing the check mark), edited or deleted.

When creating a new alarm, you can set the clock, the day(s), the message, use one of the available alarm sounds or use your own, configure how loud the system volume should be when the alarm rings, play the alarm repeatedly, enable snooze, wake up computer if it sleeps, and turn on the computer monitor when an alarm is activated so that you can view the predefined message.

Some options mentioned above are enabled by default everytime you add a new alarm. No matter which option you disabled when creating the previous alarm, the option is always reactivated. This is where the alarm clone helps. By cloning an alarm, you can add a new one using the same configuration and then make a few adjustments on the clock and days.

When an alarm with a message rings, the message window appears and stays visible on top until you close it. If you set the sound to play repeatedly, the program doesn’t stop playing it until you close the window. You can set a time limit for the sound if you want to make it stop automatically. The Options menu provides a number of time limits to stop the alarm sound automatically ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour. Keep in mind that the message window isn’t closed by itself even though the alarm stops ringing.

Key features:

  • Easy to use, simple interface
  • Create unlimited configurable alarms accompanied with messages
  • Repeat alarms on any days
  • Configurable sounds – play repeatedly, specify the time limit, use your own sound or one of the provided sounds, set a specific volume level for each alarm
  • “Single line” to display smaller alarm rows so that you can view more of them without stretching the window
  • Save alarms as a file so that you can load the alarms when you need them again without having to reconfigure everything
  • When an alarm is activated, the application optionally wakes up the computer from sleep mode and turns on the monitor
  • Each alarm can be deleted, edited, disabled
  • Snooze alarm
  • Show clock, day and date on a floating movable small window
  • Run at Windows startup

Keep also in mind that when the time comes for an alarm to be activated, the application changes the system volume level temporarily according to the alarm’s setting.

All things considered, Free Alarm Clock is a nice alarm application even though it lacks the ability to set alarms based on dates, which makes it more suitable to be used for routine tasks that are performed daily or at a specific time on any specific day. It has a relatively small size and is portable.

Support: 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Windows 8 and 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Version tested: Free Alarm Clock 3.0 (on Windows 7 64-bit)
Developer: Comfort Software Group

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