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Pin Any Window To Make it Always On Top

Need to pin a window on top but it doesn’t have such capability? Try PinMe. This 145Kb Windows program is free and portable, and provides some useful screen capturing tools other than the pinning feature as well as applying adjustable transparent effect to any window.

Once it’s up and running on the tray, click on it and you will see the list of all open windows. To pin any of them, you just need to select it. To unpin, bring up the list again and re-select it. Note that any pinned window is marked by a padlock icon within the list.


I tried it with a few pograms and the only one it could not pin is Netstat, which was unfortunate because it was the main reason of why I needed a utility like PinMe.

Not even the “SuperPin” could make that happen. SuperPin is the special feature of PinMe which pin down a window on top of everything, including the other pinned windows.

This SuperPin can be found and enabled in the Tools section, but the quickest way to superpin a window is by holding down SHIFT key while selecting it within the list.

Additionally, any window, not only the pinned ones, can be made transparent. Select “Enable Window Transparency” in the Tools section, move your mouse over a window, and scroll your mouse wheel.

After you finish adjusting the transparency level, don’t forget to select “Disable Window Transparency” in the Tools section to keep the transparency effect and to restore the mouse wheel function back to normal.

When you need to remove the effect, select “Enable Window Transparency” and use your mouse wheel again. Or, close the window and open it again.

As for the screen capturing, it can capture the desktop background, entire screen, a region, or a window. Just like SuperPin, these features can also be found in the Tools area, but most of them can be used with shortcut keys.

No editing. Press a shortcut key and the save as dialog appears. You can save the images in PNG or BMP.

The shortcut keys:

  • To capture a window, hold down a CTRL key during the selection of a window within the list.
  • To capture the whole screen, press PRINT SCREEN until the save as dialog comes up.
  • To capture a region, press a short PRINT SCREEN.

But if you need to capture the background of your desktop, you have to do it from within the program’s context-menu.

Download PinMe

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